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view thread 1999-06-29 11:30:16 Shark  Re: Cop showing up.  
view thread 1999-06-29 13:00:10 David_J  Re: Jacobs avail in 3 months, no price rumors yet  
view thread 1999-06-29 13:14:18 Keegan (94 Formula Firehawk #303)  Buying a 92 Stealth RT/TT - Need advice  
view thread 1999-06-29 14:01:41 David_J  I will post my knock study info here  
view thread 1999-06-29 15:50:52 Mike Baldwin  Defective BOV? 97 VR4  
view thread 1999-06-29 18:05:59 Dave  Re: Check this site out. It has a small version of an online service manual  
view thread 1999-06-30 03:21:36 ben  18x9enkei rp01 made for the vr4 4 sale  
view thread 1999-06-30 08:45:50 3KGTVR4  Re: Boost maxes out at 5psi  
view thread 1999-06-30 09:06:07 Yellow VR4  Re: In that case I will sell my '93 VR4 for $ 40,000  
view thread 1999-06-30 10:35:24 Jonathan  Does anyone know anything about blue smoke?  
view thread 1999-06-30 10:47:40 Andrew Caple  Ecer hear of Zaino car wax?  
view thread 1999-06-30 12:52:37 CHEVY GUY  I think I'm going to bring my 69 camaro to daytona & DOCUMENTATION with FACTORY chambered exhaus 
view thread 1999-07-01 01:52:47 Omar Malik  Re: New Tricks from DSM.org (new ????)  
view thread 1999-07-15 17:07:00 Vinny  Snow tires!!! Help???  
view thread 1999-07-16 08:19:44 Jerry Scolamiero  Take the JD Powers Survey, & Complain About the Getrag Trans  
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