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view thread 1999-06-18 15:29:22 Sammy D  Just got my Wal-Mart bleeder valve...  
view thread 1999-06-18 15:32:34 SUTHNR  Re: are snake eyes + fog lites on enough for night driving? has anyone gotten a ticket?  
view thread 1999-06-18 16:26:09 Rik  HOLY HEADLIGHTS, BATMAN!!  
view thread 1999-06-18 17:43:48 Steve '93ES  Re:how do I fix???  
view thread 1999-06-18 19:31:43 KippH  Re: Chipped windshield.  
view thread 1999-06-24 16:10:30 Frank  SELLING A 1998 MITSUBISHI 3000GT VR-4  
view thread 1999-06-24 16:35:57 jamo  Advice on replacement Turbos  
view thread 1999-06-24 16:41:09 Andrew Caple  Canadian 1991 Stealths  
view thread 1999-06-24 17:09:02 bullrod  how the heck do i clean the INSIDE of the windshield?  
view thread 1999-06-24 17:52:46 Chris S.  Somewhat personal question for VR4 owners  
view thread 1999-06-24 21:05:00 BlackBlur  Re: Glass Wax  
view thread 1999-06-24 23:24:34 Dong Shin  17" Rims for sale.  
view thread 1999-06-25 03:27:27 Clive (Canada)  HorsePower & Color  
view thread 1999-06-25 18:23:49 Bruce  Re: thrown rod  
view thread 1999-06-26 11:08:28 Jeremy  Re: smoke coming from the engine  
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